Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What is the aim of Buddhda's Dhamma, or the core of Buddhism ?

Accoding to "Luang Phor" (Father) Pramote, he said
"... understanding of the body and mind, in order to eliminate suffering."

Yes, that 's the same as mentioned in the Tripitaka.

After years of practicing both Samatha and Vipassana, both types of concentration (meditation) helped me to start a grimpse (perhaps 1 % appreciation on) the exact meaning of the word "Buddha" or "the knowleadgeable one, the awaken one, the joyful one".
But it will likely take at least a few years (decades ?) before "I" could develope "my" mind to the level of "Sodaban", if "I" would ever be able to do it in this life at all.

* There is no real "I" or "my" in Buddhism.

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