Monday, June 06, 2005

SE-ED bookstores and its stocks

I read recently that Grammy is going to buy up to 13% of stocks of SE-ED in the next few months. I have a weird feeling on this news. With almost 370 branches in Thailand, SE-ED is the largest chain of bookstores and book/magazine publisher in Thailand.
The name SE-ED itself was derived from the words Science & Engineering Education, back when the press was mainly focused on books in S&E while I was an undergraduate student some 30 yr ago.
If Grammy gets its way, the bookstores will sell more music tapes and CD from Grammy. As a bookworm, I hope that does not dilute out the quality of the bookstores.
About the stock aspect of this company, I used to buy SE-ED stocks before because it is a good company. Not much. A good bookworm should support his bookstore and publisher by buying some stocks, right ?
As it turned out SE-ED is a good chain of bookstores I love, always give discounts to members, and always give free plastic cover to all customers. However, in term of stocks, management of this company never cares of its stockholders, nor did it try to support their stocks' price in anyway.
They never came out to tell what a good company it is. Thus this company is not a favorite among Thai investors, and with some rumours about employee's stock options came out last year, its stock prices were generally declining all of last year. Finally I gave up "my support" on this stocks and sadly learned a fact that some good company might have bad stocks.
Glad I came out of it before I lost money. I think this year's price of SE-ED is still too low and that 's why Grammy, with its abundant cash, will grab SE-ED 's stocks.

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