Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lack of IT understanding among Thai government executives ?

I think I have been making webpages for over ten years. I also used to be involved in making webpages for my former organization and my own job functions as well as one of my professional societies. Nowsday, with my current activities, I no longer have the luxury of free time to do those things. And those organization that I stopped helping them also no longer have web or online activities ever since. Even some of their domains expired.

I think current admin of those organizations, and perhaps a good fraction of upper government older executives are lacking modern vision on IT. Web and online activities should be integral part of their work and communal interacting processes. By failing to find someone to do the "dirty tecnical" jobs, and lack of gut to pay out and hire some people to do the web and lack of vision to use the online interfaces as a way to work and substitute most of the phone calls and face-to-face meeting show that a number of Thailand's older executives in the government sector still lack deep understanding and vision on the use of IT in their lives.

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