Monday, June 13, 2005

Star Wars and Buddhism

On Friday, I checked websites for major movie theater chains in Bangkok and found that Star Wars III with a suitable timing for me is shown at the Emporium in Bangkok.
In the evening, I thus hopped into Skytrain and went to see it. Costed me 160 Baht. Great fun.
I have known before that Lucas is a Buddhist (Tibetan or Vacharayana sect). I thus noticed from the movie that he clearly sprinkled in a lot of ideas from Buddhism into the story. About the Order of Jedi, which is sort of Sangkha but with a Sao Lin (Chinese martial art temple) style. Buddhists try to monitor (and thus sort of control) their emotion, and that is like the Jedi trying to not fall into the various emotions that will take them to the dark side. Etc.

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