Monday, June 06, 2005

A book on Itappajjayata อิทัปปัจจัยตา

I just digged up a book I have bough for almost 7 months but neatly sit in one of my several bookshelves.
The name in Thai is อิทัปปัจจัยตา or Itappajjayata, the natural law of causes and effects, which is the core principle of Buddhism.
The name is a shorten version of the full Pali word Ittappajjayata-Patijasamuppapatha. อิทัปปัจจัยตา ปฏิจสมุปปบาท
As it turned out, it 's written by one of my former lady professors, Dr. Pairoh Dhippayathat, who long time ago quitted her Biochemistry Faculty career and turned herself into a respectable Buddhist nun, practicing Dhamma and meditation. She was a student of the late venerable Buddhadhasa Bhikkhu. (For readers : Buddhadhasa is the better known (pen) name of Inthapanyo Bhikkhu : Inthapanyo is the assumed Pali name after his ordainment into a monk, and Bhikku means Buddhist monk.)
I am still reading this one.

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