Sunday, October 28, 2007

Inevitability: death of someone you like

I thought I was not going to post a single blog in October since I have been very busy this month. Then today, I stumbled on a news link from Google that Arthur Kornberg, a Nobel laureate in 1959, just passed away. He is one of my favorite 's textbook authors and I loved his books on DNA replication when I was just a grad student a couple decades before. A link to NY Times is above. I felt like someone I knew just passed away. I thus could not help but to write my own farewell text for him in my blog here. Wishing he 's gone well.

Buddha 's teaching that I have always accepted is that: an occurence, an existence, and a termination are just the the norm. This is another norm when someone just died. Until one can get out of this circle, sufferings will continue.