Monday, June 27, 2005

Cuckoo clocks in Bangkok

Last Saturday, I revisited Seacon Square, claimed to be one of the largest shopping malls in the World, to pick up a repaired cuckoo clock of my aunt's. Cuckoo Haus is the only shop I know in Thailand which sells cuckoo clocks, mostly from Germany, and repair them locally when needed. Previously there was a kiosk branch in Central Pinklao as well, which I used to go there but was closed, so I had to drive diagonally on the express way across the Bangkok city to get there. I guess, selling high-price specialty clocks might not be a brisk business in Southeast Asia after all. The shop's current owner and the repairman, Mr. Apichat, was quite cordial on the phone: I have never met him in person. He told me years before that this shop has changed its owner three times: my Black Forest cuckoo clock was bought by my mom from perhaps the first owner over 15 yr ago. Mr. Apichat has fixed my clock once and another of my aunt's twice. Repair cost was deemed reasonable, although each repair and spare-part change costed about 1/10 of a new purchase of a similar model. My old frail aunty was very happy the hear her clock sings and chimes again. I agree that having a functioning cuckhoo clock in a house is essential for us owners now: it makes the house lively and it hourly cheers up our feeling. Admittedly, cuckoo clock was noisy and bothersome in the beginning for me but gradually I started to love it. Without its singing and musical chime, together with revolving dolls, the house would be abnormally quiet and felt dull. My aunt feel the same. Therefore, paying high cost for each repair was worthwhile for me. I also absorbed all the repair costs of my aunt's clock out of my own pocket like before. Thanks to my lovely wife for not complaining.


denis mckillop said...

Good day to you!

I wish to visit Bangkok early next year on a business trip.
I also wish to purchase on this trip a cuckoo clock, is there a store in Bangkok that stocks/sells cuckoo clocks??
Can you let me have name of store and complete address in Bangkok.
Thank you very much.
I wait your reply.

Burachai Sonthayanon said...

Hi, there was a shop called Cuckoohouse at Season Square shopping center, 3rd floor. Not sure of the present situation. The owner of the shop, Mr. Apichart, also has another showroom in a suburban village, Sammakorn Ramkamhaeng village, which in between Soi (lanes) 110 and 112 of Ramkamhaeng road. The address of the shop was (is), 119/10 Lake 11, Sammakorn village, Ramkamhaeng 110-112, Bangkok 10240, phone 023731147. Hope he is still there. I have not taken my clock for servicing at the shop for several years so I am not sure.