Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My reaction to Jobs' speech at MacWorld

Gee. Awesome. Good news, new softwares, stuffs and services.

And the new Mac with Intel cpu ...
Argh...... , I just got my G4 PowerBook for only 2 months and they are releasing a dual core Intel cpu (4x faster) with a built in VDO camera at the same price next month.

My current G4 laptop (or notebook) is no match for my dual cpu G5 PowerMac tower and I think dual core in the new laptop will eliminate the minor observable stall in the laptop.

However, I think so far the screen resolution for the 15" G4 laptop is already great, 1440x960 pixels. Even currently-selling Vaio is no match. I can not see any notebook PC with better screen resolution than this PowerBook, and I don't expect one in the future since this tiny pixel size already strains my aging eye-sight. :-)

Looks like in 4 years time, I 'll buy a tetra-core Mac laptop then. No way to go back to Windows: although using Linux is O.K.

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