Thursday, January 05, 2006

BusinessWeek, Asian edition, no more issues

I got what looked like an impromptu letter from BusinessWeek indicating that they would discontinue the Asian edition and mailing back a refund to me. However, they also offered me to subscribe either their global edition or online edition instead. I think I will get the cash back: not having much time to read these days. One day, a ten years old habit (like browsing this magazine) has to stop for some reason. This is a norm, or a part of Dhamma: a thing could be initiated, run, and terminated (like a life could be born, live, and die), called Triluks or "the 3 characters". A thing occurs because of a cause: Itappajjayata.

Incidentally, I learned later when I receive the last issue that they also discontinued the European version.

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