Friday, January 13, 2006

Keep notebook running with good efficiency

In the use of a Mac notebook computer, I just realized a number of things:-

Some widgets would wasted all the memory. I used to have one which occupied 2 GB of RAM in a G5 dual cpu machine. That one was thus long disabled. However, in the laptop, some widgets that you do not need should be disabled as well, since it would waste your cpu and RAM, and thus waste the battery.
Some widget also show abnormal high cpu load during off line: I just found that out when monitor cpu usage. When the laptop was just awaken from sleep at home, it would be off-lined unti I connect to the ADSL again, until then some widget might try its best to download some information (news) without any success, and it would keep cpu busy and your notebook would be getting hotter and wasting the battery.

I think having a software to monitor the cpu is good. And one must always watch out to monitor behaviors of one's own machine.

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