Monday, January 02, 2006

First post for 2006: resetting my biological clock, hopefully

Passing another year: this New Year thing is just a supposed time line. For many other people it might mean party time: for many in the lower income bracket it 's just hard work to earn meager meals as usual. For me, New Year is just a reminder of my time running past half-time for my lifespan and a reset of my mind for the next one more year, hopefully with new improvement in a number of ways.

I have set several goals to accomplish. They are in my private notes in the laptop: not on public blog like this. Anyway, whenever I come back to see this blog, it would remind me to go back to see my targets again.

One thing in general I think I want to do is to double the rate of my biological clock. No, I don't want to get old too early, but I mean I want to get any jobs done twice as fast, at least. I do not have much time left, I need all the time I can spare. Every second counts. I 'll give it a try if I can do it.

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