Sunday, November 08, 2009

Buddha's shelter at vulture peak, Rajgir

At the top of the Kitchakut hill, the original shelter of Buddha (Thais called it Mulakanthakudi) is located. There are stairs for people to climb up there. The shelter was small, only the size of around 3m x 3 m in size. New bricks were laid to show the location of the shelter and the ground was smooth covered with cement. I am not sure if that was how it looked like almost 2600 years ago. I supposed Lord Buddha lived in a much simpler way, even perhaps under a tree or a cave (like the Sugarakata cave). Again, it 's also possible that King Bimbisara built the Kuti for him up there.

Buddha would come down to the city for morning food alms, possibly by using the steep channel shown before the ladder was built.

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