Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Around the old Rajgir (2): Weruwan

We stopped by at a government's park, where the old Weruwan (Veruwan = bamboo jungle) monastery was donated by King Bimbisara to Lord Buddha. This was the first Buddhist monastery so it 's a very important location. Too bad, local officials recently cleared a lot of bamboo trees away and thus we felt a bit disengaged of the original Buddhist name from the current physical appearance.
Another group of Thai monks and laypersons are already there, (seen in the picture as) walking around a Buddha image (Thaksinawat, i.e. walk clockwise, but I think Indians call it Parikam now). We stopped there to chant mantra, meditate for 20 min, and decorated the Buddha only image there with a gold-laced yellow cloth.

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