Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Around the old Rajgir (4): Nalantha (old Nalanda)

Thai people like to stopped by to worship a big Buddha image made from black stone, called Luang Phor Dum (in Thai means the black father, and now the locals also called that in Thai name too). He is currently kept by local villagers outside the old Nalantha University. We went there and chanted mantra, meditated, and decorated him with gold-laced yellow robe. In the picture I also followed other Thais of sticking gold foil on him too. We also donated some money to help the locals in maintaining the small shack for the statue.
We had to walk a long way from the shack to the main road, where thousands or perhaps ten thousands came out to celebrate a festival to worship sun god (Suriya Dev) during that time causing a traffic jam on that small road.

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