Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Should one be away from social networking ?

I personally believe that social networking is gaining too much hype recently in Thailand, among teenagers as well as among some circle of academics. I am one who don't trust social networking operators.

Perhaps I have been working with computers for too long, some 27 years. I have been well informed from the start to guard some personal privacy and tried to keep some private data away from the networks. So I don't trust social networking services enough to share my private profile, let alone information. However the main reason for not joining the social network circle is that I don't want to waste my time mingling around with laymen, esp. young non-academic people. I am also definitely eccentric in many ways. Well, I still keep option opened in the future for professional and academic social networking, but for general social networking, I 'll gladly pass. Buddhist monks always recommend that inter-mingling with people too much is not good for us since that will definitely lead to a non-sense chitchat, and that will lead to a lost of "right-consciuosness".

Today someone wrote an article suggesting that people should disengage from some social network, mentioning Facebook in particular. That article confirmed my distrust in social networking. I have put up a link above for people to follow up and see what 's written there and make judgement for themselves.

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