Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Online retailing of e-books and digital content to boom even more

e-book is going to be a big business in the next few months onward. I am not sure of Thai people are aware of this, but it has been felt around the World for the past one month immediately after the recent launch of Apple's iPad in the US.

iPad has revolutionized a book and magazine publishing industry from paper-based into online digital media. Google will set up Google Edition in the coming months as a market place to sell e-books. Initial offerning could be in the range of half a million books available. (I suppose mostly in English.) Murdock's News Corp will set up an online store similar to iTune soon. They plan to sell e-books, e-magazines, and likely music, movies, TV programs, too. I think it is a great opportunity for small people to think of setting up small one or two person publication house. People who are not programmers don't need App developing skill in order to get some income from new handheld devices. But I think most people can write, I mean type, and they can produce contents they have expertise in. They have now chance to join this e-content boom.

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