Friday, May 28, 2010

Which web browsers should one use in a Mac ?

This is for a Mac platform, mind you.
Naturally, Safari comes bundled with OS-X. So it is not surprising that most people use it. But are there other reasons ?

There are a number of other browsers, notably Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Flock, for examples, to choose.
I noticed that many alternative browsers have strong points in some areas and I 'd love to use others for a number of reasons. Safari is very good, but other browsers have some better points in some areas. Firefox has some neat functional plugins I like. Chrome is very elegant and fast. Alas, they still have shortcomings, not due to their fault, but do to the Mac's operating system's. I think most Mac users use a lot of Spotlight search function. I do anyway. Spotlight would index all the content in the Mac. Right ? However, in case of non-Safari browsers, as far as I can see, Spotlight does not index the webpages loaded into those alternative browsers, nor does it recognize bookmarks kept in those browsers. Spotlight only indexes the history of loaded webpages and bookmarks kept in Safari. So, I can see that anyone who choose to use other browsers rather than Safari would be crippled of the index service by Spotlight. So, that is the reason why I still use Safari in the Mac as the main browser.

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