Monday, April 26, 2010

Get my new MBP today

Few hours ago, 4 days after receiving the e-mail notification of product shipment from Apple Store, I just received my brand new Macbook Pro 15" with Intel i7 cpu, 7200 rpm hard disk, via DHL directly from China. (I got a software CD separately from Singapore warehouse a week ago. Good example of global supply chain.)

The machine is already preinstalled with the OS-X 10.6.3. It took only 2:15 hr to transfer 160 GB of my personal data, setting and softwares, from my old Mac to this one. Look and feel of the desktop and dock are quite the same as my old ones. Even the history of Safari is working fine. However, I noticed that the computer is still indexing the files while I post this blog from the new machine.


It took about an hour before it is done.

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