Friday, April 02, 2010

VDO about Buddhism

A friend sent me a link to this VDO, linked above.

Stephen Batchelor: Confession of a Buddhist Atheist.

It 's a record of his 1 hr talk promoting his new book in the US. Essentially the book is an autobiography of his life, a British who after his troubling years as a teenager decided to be a Buddhist and went to India, becoming a Tibetan monk for 7 years, and then a Korean Zen monk for 4 years, and later after going back to UK, started practicing Vipassana (in the line of the venerable Goenka's Vedhana monitoring).

Intriguing life indeed. I am more interested in some bits and pieces in his views, one is that he proposed that Buddha must have studied in Tuxila when he was just a young prince (but the Tripitaka did not give information about this.). I think it 's possible. There are other interesting remarks.

I also like his answering to questions at the end.

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