Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just ordered a new notebook today

I took few days off during Songkran to take care of my friends from overseas. I spent those days out of town pondering about the specs of notebook I was going to order. I am glad I did have ample time to ponder about it and then I also had more time to read what people were talking about the new machines in the past few days.

Eventually, I ordered an i7 cpu 15" Macbook Pro from Apple, with 7200 rpm (500 GB) hard drive, and a DVI adaptor (for my old 20" Cinema display). It is going to be the fastest notebook currently available on the market. But I did not order the higher resolution screen since I don't want to stress my aging eyes too much. I also ordered an iWork 09, realizing well that in the next few months I might need to upgrade to iWork '10 if it comes out, which I think it will.

I will have to wait for a week to get the machine with that 7200 rpm hard drive option. And by that time my daughter will be very happy too since she will get my current 15" G4 Powerbook to be used in conjunction with her iPod Touch.

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