Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dining in Bangkok

Our family took our friends from abroad to an impressive dining experience in Bangkok on board a river cruise along Chaophraya river tonight. The service we used was via Chao Phraya princess dinner cruise (link above). We boarded the boat at River City shopping arcade, near the river end of Si Phraya Road.

The atmosphere was very good, foods were good, music was fun and stimulating. I think the 2 hr experience was worth the price. Recommended. We took a lot of night pictures along the river. Fortunately I have a new digital camera with more sensitive image sensor.

I have been skipping supper for the past 4 months to trim weight so I did not enjoy my meal too much. Nevertheless, the foods were ok. and I want to record the picture of my full plate that night here as well. That plate mainly (plus the scenic and joyful environment) costed 1300 Baht. That 's about 4x - 5x more costly than the cost for a person's diner in a typical Thai food restaurant in town. In a Thai university canteen, however, a bowl of noodle or a plate of rice and other foods cost only 25-30 Baht each. :-)

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