Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bangkok situation today

A week past by without much effect to most of foreign tourists visiting Thailand during this political turmoils created by infamous persons who try to "burn down the house". I took my European friends out of town and finally they left Thailand a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, they can't fly back to Europe now due to the volcanic ashes from Iceland and have to hang around in another Asian country for few more days.

However, the situation in Bangkok and several areas in Thailand might develop into further escalation due to sabotages by pro-protester terrorists. Newspapers reported an attack to aviation fuel depot in Pathum Thani by M79 rocket propelled grenades (linked above). Few days ago, there were attempts to blow up high electricity towers which feed high voltage power to Bangkok. These are on top of the firing on both sides during the clash between red-shirts and soldiers on the night of April 10. I would like to see that these terrorists be arrested and bring to justice. They are traitors. I am sure they will be punished later since almost everyone in Bangkok seems to know the identities of this group's masterminds. As to the protestors, I feel sorry for them for being blinded by propaganda and lies for the past one year. I think it 's also partly the present government 's fault when it failed to take action against mouthpieces (radio, TV, magazines) of the previous regime. I suspect that things will turn bloody again when the protest needs to be terminated in the next few days by law enforcement officers to return the situation back to normal.

I have been meditating daily and dissipating Metta (love) to all living creatures for quite some time. Now the attempt should be more frequent.

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