Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our trip to Lumbini, Nepal

We departed Kusinara on Oct 26 2009 when our chartered bus took us across the border to Nepal via Sonaoli border check point. There were hundreds of trucks waiting to cross border. I understand that tourist buses have privilege to cut the several kilometer long line of trucks to the front and took us passing through both Indian and Nepalese immigrations and cross the border in a relatively short time (<1 hr). We then went straight to Lumbini. Inside Nepal, I did not enjoy the scenery outside the bus windows much since there were a lot of garbages dump alongside the road, almost everywhere, so it did not look pleasant. I hope one day the Nepaleses would set up garbage dumps and collection service to beautify their country a bit. After we checked in to a hotel, we immediately rode rickshaws (oh, jeese, I have not used this word for decades) into Lumbini Park (the forest where Lord Buddha was born) in the afternoon.
We took group pictures with very lovely Nepalese kids who also visit the archeological site. Since they have no e-mail that we can mail pictures to them, so I think posting a picture here would be good enough. I hope sometime in the future some of them might stumble upon this picture in the cyberspace.

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