Monday, August 11, 2008

Thailand 's Gold medal at Beijing Olympic 2008

I did not watch TV yesterday, but I knew I had to check the net for the news in the evening about our Thai weight lifting girls. I was very pleased to see that one of our ladies, Miss Prapawadee, received her gold medal for the 53 kg class, the first for Thailand for this Olympic. I watched two VDO clips from Matichon newspaper 's website, one for the summary footages of her liftings and the other for the flag raising ceremony. When Thai National Anthem was played while the Thai flag was raised at the 1st level and her lips was singing along, I felt the pleasure which spreaded throughout my body and up to my skin and my eyes turned teary. I am sure she will be rewarded greatly by the Thai society for this service to the country.
(Thanks for the VDOs, Matichon ! )

After reading some more news from various presses, I then understand that she got the gold medal through her hard work and single mindedness for the past 13 years of practices for the Olympics. Four years ago, she missed a chance to go to the 2004 Olympic, and she was painful about that. Three and a half year ago, she then returned to the camp for practices and used that painful feeling as her very strong motivation to go for the gold this time. She said she knew she would get it and she did get it. I think that she deserved it after her strong determination and hard practices. I want to congratulate her in my blog here. Thanks, Prapawadee, for giving all Thais the happiness. (Although she might not have a chance to read this English blog.)

I think a lesson we all can see from her case is that, strong determination is one of the most important things for success.

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