Friday, May 20, 2005

Young generation of Thai might no longer be behaviorally charming ?

Anyone with some kids (up to teenagers) in the family frequently said the same thing that the young generation of Thai are behaviorally more aggressive than elder generation, like mine.

I 'd like to draw a concept of genetic drift into this cultural / behavioral context. I think it is caused mainly by small number of people, yet they are so well exposed to the entire country's TV viewing population. I am talking of soap opera drama producers that populate the prime-time TV programs in Thailand.

Those drama tend to be produced by the people who love to show excessive behavioral extremes, emotional extremes, untrolled manners, including bad verbal assaults to elders, even curses. Children are more vulnerable to these programs' excessive behaviors than adults. I think if we do not try to curb on these, in the next decade, Thailand wil no longer be characterised with nice people.

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