Friday, May 20, 2005

Buddhism 's core principle โพสต์เนื่องในวันวิสาขบูชา

On the auspicious occasion of Visakha Bucha day, on the full moon (15th waxing moon) night of the 6th lunar month, which this year coincides with Sunday, May 22, 2005, I think it is appropriate to post something in advance before I will be off-lined for few days.

Visakha Bucha day is the commemoration day, in which the birthday of Lord Buddha, the day of his enlighthenment, and the day he entered nirvana all surprisingly occured on the same lunar day (albeit different years).

I hope my memory still correctly remember the Pali verse, chanted by Phra Assachi, about the core principle of Buddhism, as followed :-

เย ธัมมา เหตุปภวา
เตสัง เหตุง ตถาคโต
เตสัญจโย นิโรโธ จ
เอวัง วาที มหาสมโณ

Roughly translated into my poor English like so :-

"All natural things have their causes. (This context includes emotional suffering as well.)
Lord Buddha taught of the causes.
If one is to eliminate the suffering, one must first eliminate the causes.
Thus ends what the Great Monk said."

Let's concentrate our mind so that one becomes self-awared.
Dhamma preserves those who preserve Dhamma.

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