Thursday, May 26, 2005

Remembering Ajarn Somsri Sukumolnand

It was late night on Tuesday 24 when I had a heavy supper and thus did not feel like going to bed early. I was in the kitchen when my wife was reading from the newspaper that we hadn't finished since the morning then she mentioned across the hall that Aj. Somsri Sukumolnand passed away. I stopped working in the kitchen and walked over to take a look at the cremation annoucement and a brief social news. What a pity ! Ajarn Somsri passed away age 86 and would be cremated on Thursday, May 26 2005. She 's great writer and a daughter of a famous Thai scholar known better in the royal bestowed title of Phraya Anumarnratchathon (Mr. Yong Sathienkoses). To think of her more, I went to one of my (almost 10) book cabinets and dig up some of her books I have. Those I have are all non-fiction. I don't know if she has written some novels or not. But I generally do not read novels anyway. I read a chapter from the book ลืมร้อน to remind myself of what I had read long time ago. Yes. Thailand just lost another great writer. I realized that my mind was slightly sad (a Vipasana meditation) and logged this note before going to bed. I wish then think "she" must be happier by now. Tonight (May 26), she would be cremated and I would send my mind to bid a farewell.

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