Friday, May 27, 2005

Legal-centric Thailand and socio-political mindset

I have intended to not discuss Thai political issues in this blog. However, the current issues in the news are too big to miss out.

The current problems on Thailand's legistalive and administration entities (some of which might be considered as a crisis by some commentators) arose, in my view, mainly due to the unique socio-political mindset of people involved. Different constitutionally-established institutions, whether they be the Senate, the Counter-Corruption Commision, the Constitution Court, etc, have their own ways of interpreting different laws to suit their opinions or interest.

I think if they had paid more attention to Buddhist Dhamma they would not have so much problem about conflicting legal procedure / interpretations.

I also think scientists do not like the topic on behavior of people in the society since it is a "difficult" topic to experiment with.

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