Monday, May 16, 2005

Found my old friend after 35 years

Recently, while I went to my favoriate branch of SE-ED bookstores, I stumbled upon a book translated into Thai by a guy whose name I recognized as a good primary school friend of mine.
We had not met each other for some 35 years. The topic of the book is also interesting. It is translated from the "Unstoppable" written by Cynthia Kersey and
the Thai title is หยุดไม่ได้ถ้าหัวใจไม่ยอมแพ้ .
I thus bought a copy for my reading. Back home in the evening I "swollowed" 2 chapters within just a few minutes reading and I found it quite enjoyable.
Although I must have hoarded hundreds of how-to's books, productivity enhancing or administration books, this one seemed to be very good. Starting to feel drowsy, I paused the reading and started to quickly browse thru the end of the book.
Luckily, the translater and my lost friend also gave out his e-mails at the back. I thus put down the pocketbook and quickly tapped out a late night e-mail to him.
Next morning he replied my e-mail (from Chiang Mai, which I did not know at the time) and within 2 days he came to Bangkok for a business.
After we exchanged calls in early Saturday morning to make a quick appointment on a rendezvous, within a few minutes I hopped the Skytrain to meet him at Siam Square's CU bookstore, the largest bookstore in Bangkok.
From there, I bought more of his own written and translation works and asked for his autographs.
We had a good chat over a lunch. This is a miracle of a modern communication !
I have used e-mail for almost 20 yr mainly on academic communications, but this is the first time I could reach out to my lost friend via the Internet.
My friend also prodded me into writing books, reminding me that I used to produce mini classroom magazines when I was a 10 yr old school boy.
He mentioned that our meeting could be the turning point for my life, into a book writer. Sounds good. Althought I had wished to write some non-fiction books, I have excused myself a lot in the past due to the lack of time.
I even stopped blogging once before. Well, after this I want to see how things will develop with me in the next few months. But my boss still want me to write papers, not books. Perhaps I 'd need to split the time at home carefully.

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