Friday, May 13, 2005

First post on Academic Thai

Well, after loitering for over a year about creating a weblog at blogspot, I opened up an account today. After the Blog booming a year ago, I have opened a blog at Manager dot co dot th for a while and looks like now it is inactivated after I was busy and did not post there for few months. Now I started anew. My posting would be either in Thai or English.

This is going to be an alternative place for my online digital diary. More private messages won't appear here but retained in my personal notebook. Only the stuff that deems possibly useful for the public eyes would go here. The content should be about Thai academic stuff, including scientific issues, education, literature, books, programming, etc.


Looks O.K. in Thai fonts. I think I might mainy type in English since I would write mainly on academic or scientific issues. Thai scholars should have no problem reading this blog in English, if they stumble on this somehow that is.

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