Monday, May 30, 2005

New generation of Thai have bad manner

That must be a bad evening.
I went to Siam Square via Skytrain to try to see a movie Star Wars III. In the train, a big fat highschool guy in uniform, but the shirt hanging outside his black shorts, was loudly talking to his friend over a mobile phone while walking back and forth near a train's door. Another young office man next to me received his cell phone call and talk to his superior rather loud. Another lady across the aisle made another loud phone call, not even think of trying to put her hand over her mouth to keep some privacy. What a disturbing and annoying situation ! New generation have no manner. They have no one to tell them a good manner before, even in school ! I got out from the train at Siam Square and about to come down from the platform via the stairs, a guy run up the stairs and made an abrupt turn cut in front of me. He bumped into me slightly but did not stop to apologize and rushed away. I turned my face to look at him in dismay and saw that he peeked at me briefly. That 's another bad manner.
I found out that the show time at Discovery Center was too late for me to waste time wating, so I went home and dig up an Episode II CD to watch on my mini home theater set in my home office. Went to bed late for the day.

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