Friday, May 27, 2005

Thailish : evolution or decline of the Thai language ?

Few years ago I encountered a news about German people complaining of Deutsch usage by new generation in Germany. Deutsch have become more English-like and they were concerned and did not like it so they called the English-like syntax a Deutschlish. For Thai, I have not seen anyone mention of this problem although middle-age people like me complain among ourselves a lot about poor usage of Thai in the younger generation. Thai language grammar and sentence formats nowsday, even in the news, are more English-like. I would like to call this in the same way, and similar feeling, as Thailish. I believe those people in the news media, which cause the masses and the youths to follow their poor Thai usage, were poor in their Thai language studies and perhaps did not read much good (century) old books or peotry. Now their Thai grammar and sentences are like English, American English in particular.

I just hate that. I love the beauty of traditional (? ancient) Thai language.

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