Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A personal feat

I 'd like to note my small personal feat last Saturday. I could meditate in diamond cross-legged lotus seating position ( ขัดสมาธิเพชร ) for 1 hr and get a fair concentration while listening to two mp3 tracks of the late venerable Luangpoo (Holy grandfather) Sim 's preaching. The last time I did this I could sit only for 30 min at most. Luangpoo Sim always ordered his followers to sit in this position. So I regard him as a teacher who taught me how to sit in this position, the same position that the Buddha did when he became enlightened 25 centuries ago. During the meditation, I did not feel much pain as before. However, after the session I had to sit still for about half an hour to recover from the aching ankles.

A picture of Luangpoo Sim 's (wax) statue in this seating position is posted here as a reference in case someone might want to try it. I copied it from somewhere I have already forgotten. But I want to thank the picture 's owner here. (I don't think my non-commercial mirroring of this image here will violate someone 's copyright, as far as my interpretation of a Thai law is concerned.)

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