Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Congrats to Mr. Abhisit

I think I was among most people in Bangkok, if not in entire Thailand, to feel a bit relieved that Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva won a majority of parliamentary votes to become the next Prime Minster of Thailand, awaiting royal endorsement in a day or so. Congratulations to him. (I put up a link to his official website above.) He is a man of good moral and political standard, on top of good international education, so I personally think that he is the best qualified person at the job at this time (or for few past decades). Thai politics has its up and down cycles, much like a (mathematical) Sine curve, and I hope that we are now in a swing upward leg. I 'd also to take this chance like to thank Mr. Nevin for his sacrifice for the country. Although some political storms may be still coming but the economic storm is much bigger and should be concerned. I hope that the concern will cause political incitations by certain groups of people to be less. I hope the new PM have stamina to shoulder tough and hard works ahead.

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