Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good things before New Year day

I want to document some merits for this month of December. I donated some money to help building a meditation hall for a temple in Lampang. I also donated some to join my friend 's drive to buy water purification sets for several forest monasteries in the NE Thailand. Additionally, I bought 2 toys, one for boy and the other for girl, to join a drive to collect Christmas presents for Pakkred Orphange in Nonthaburi, as organized by my daughter's English teacher at ANS. My daughter and my wife each also bought something for the kids as well. Xmas is an international holiday day now, thus I am pleased to share happiness to the disadvantaged ones. Next week is also my routine schedule to donate blood, once a trimester.

It 's good thing to talk about good deeds. If anyone is pleased with such good news above, the person immediately gets the merit as a pleasure in one's heart. Thai Buddhists would normally say the Pali word "Anumodhana" upon hearing that, which roughly means "(I am also) delighted".

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