Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post for B.E. 2551

Last day of the Buddhist Era (B.E.) 2551, alias so called 2008, was not so special today, although I spent most of the day downloading gigabytes of softwares and updates for my 2 notebooks, an unusual task. In the evening, it 's home cleaning time. Some items have not been cleaned for a year or so already. Then it 's a one hour of "walk about" session.
After this post, I plan to do some jogging along the small road in my home for a while, and then perhaps to sit and meditate across the year's end. Hope it works out as planned. But I just "hate" noise of fireworks that people lit up tonight, I expect more around midnight.

Something just popped up in my mind, and I felt like I should note it here. I heard for some time that some expert had recalculated the calendar and said that the year that we called B.E. 2551 in Suwannaphum was actually B.E. 2501. Got to blame ancient Sinhalese kings :-) for they frequently reset their calendars when they newly assumed the throne in Serendip (Ceylon, i.e. Sri Lanka) so astrological experts goofed up about counting the year. Never mind, whatever people agreed upon is "unreal", not ultimate truth.

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