Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My first acupuncture experience

I am allergic to weather and dust (and perhaps smog in the Bangkok city), and had difficulty breathing by the nose at night, so the body automatically open the mouth and thus I usually snore. For some time, I heard acupuncture would cure it. This morning, I just had a chance to try it, in order to cure my snoring symptom.

I went to Mahidol University 's Tropical Medicine Hospital, Rajwithee Road near Victory Monument via SkyTrain. There were a few patients there waiting for available beds to have their acupuncture sessions and thus I had to wait for about 2 hrs before I saw the doctor. He did not speak much and after asking me few questions and knew my purpose he told me to lie down in bed and he quickly and gently pierced 11 (3 inches) needles into my face, throat, and hands. It was quite painless. I then had to lie still in bed for 30 minutes alone while the doctor went to see other patients. A moment later I could feel some mucous flowing in my throat. After 30 minutes, a nurse came back to me to remove the needles. The doctor said I should start feeling better today and in order to cure it I 'd need to have 10 sessions, once a week. This acupuncture clinic open only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings so I had booked for my next visit in advance. I am anxious to see what happens to my body next morning


I felt better the next morning, and today is the 2nd morning. I will continue to the have the full course for sure. Yeh !

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