Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Clearing up political messes: it 's still a mess

This is my frank and neutral personal opinion, after reading several Thai news recently.

Closure of Shin Corp. 's subsidirary iTV station in Bangkok has created big international news. In local news, the situation has created some emotional news for we saw weeping iTV crews afraid to lose their good salary and job in the near future. Some Thais sympathize with them while some don't. (I do not have any feeling.) Staff of iTV had been regularly accused of supporting the previous Thai government, and continuing the support even after the coup, against the public opinion of most Bangkokians.

Wait till the foreigners in the public hear news about ThaiAirAsia that it might have already (and automatically) lost its flight license, and so does Shin Satellites on Thai government 's satellite license, unless the current Thai government intend to drag its feet a bit for fear that foreign investors would feel panic. Althought the reason on iTV 's closure was different (the management did not pay up the license fee), but it would be to the same effect if a law suit would reach the court and that it finally declares that Shin corp. had lost its Thai national status. I guess that may happen in the next few moths.

Oh, oh. How come I forgot to mention AIS, a mobile phone operator I used to subscribe to. One good thing I can only say about this company is that it knows how to hire good looking ladies to work at their cashier counters.

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