Saturday, March 24, 2007

My comments on Bangkok Airports

I have known all along that the "permanent closure" of Don Meuang International Airport was a publicity hoax by former (Thaksin) government. I drive along the Bangkok - Don Meuang Tollway twice daily, about 22 days a month, and saw cargo / VIP / military planes flying, not to mention of evening Tollway traffic halts due to vip 's (140 km/hr) motorcades. Yes the flights during "the closure " was not that frequent as before, yet it 's operational, perhaps at 0.1% activity. Now starting around today is a >30 daliy domestic flights by Nok Air and 1-2-Go.

I think in only about few more years, Thai people would start to realize that we really need 2 airports for the city of angle. Of course, the government also has seen that and the need to link the two airports with a fast train service, perhaps an extension of the Airport Express line under construction. But given the track record of Thai government, that might take another 10 years to materialize. Even the delivery by Siemens of the new Airport Express trains to run to Nong Ngu Hao (Suvarnabhumi) would be around the end of this year, the track itself would not be ready until, I guess, the end of next year.

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