Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Many Farang reporters did not have a clue

From the view points as I could read from the web, it 's clear that westerners have different view points from Thais on the situation in Thailand.

I am thinking of an analogy: just like when termites were attacking our house, so we had to dismantle several parts of the house and rebuild a number of structures , while our neighbors would just kept on complaining that we should stop the repair and go on with normal life. Many of them did not have a clue.

Another thing that I found again and again, many foreign reporters do not know that a white uniform in Thailand is not always a military one, but it could be one of many civil servants' uniforms. The new PM, in the ceremony to receive the Royal Command, was in the official Prime Minister uniform. One has to look at the shoulder pad to see his government ranking position (a political one) and the brass pins at the neck to see his affiliated Ministry.

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