Saturday, October 07, 2006

Buddhism's essence core of principles

What is the ultimate teaching principle of Buddhism ?
As "I" have read, studied, heard, and practiced, "I" can simply summarize the answer as these:-

To teach oneself that
This body is not mine. The body is not myself.
This mind is not mine. The mind is not myself.
There is no real thing such as I and self, the body and mind are just part of the Universe, and are indifferent from other entities.
Me, people, animal, are not real. (Much like the fact that a car is also not real: a car is just a composite entity of spareparts, even composite of atoms, molecules, etc.)

"I" is not real, hence the quotation.

Buddhism can not be ultimately appreciated if one limits the learning by "trying to understand" theoretical or academic subject. It can be fully and deeply understood only after one keeps on observing the body and mind of oneself. It could take years, decades, even future reincarnations before one can deeply understand the true meaning of what "I" have cited above.

Notice "my" wording of "to teach oneself", which means that even Lord Buddha could only gave hints, only each "person" could really teach and fully convince "oneself".

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