Sunday, November 04, 2012

From Thai news: Thai Monks boycott chairman of National Broadcast and Telecom Commission

From the news, a national conference of 2,200 forest Buddist monks announced a total boycott on chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission of Thailand (NBTC) on the ground that he used a double standard judgement, with regarding to his signed order from NBTC forcing local donation-based Buddhist radio stations to reduce their transmission powers wheras commercial stations (mostly airing western-oriented musics) have been exempted from doing so. The Sangha (monk's conference) urged all monks and laypersons nationwide to excommunicate him.  The total boycott by the monks' community, an excommunication, is the most severe form of social penalty against misbehaved individuals in Buddhism.  The boycott, signed by a senior forest monk, would be lifted only after the chairman rescinded the order.

(p.s. I take side with the monks.)

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