Wednesday, January 20, 2010

World 's largest jade Buddhas are in Thailand

I was a bit miffed when reading from a Thai news website recently which translated a news from abroad saying that another country is building the World 's largest Jade Buddha. I think a lot of Thai don't know what we have in Thailand. There are a number of large jade Buddhas in Thailand. I 'll point to just two of them.

One is the 32 ton solid Jade Buddha at Wat Dhammamongkol, Sukhumvit 101: project initiated by Luangphor Viriyung. Link is given above and here.

The other is a (gigantic) model of the largest Emerald Buddha, width of 19 meters (if my memory is correct), but this one is constructed from concrete but covered with Jade, in Sisaket province. I had donated a couple thousand Bahts for this. I have not visited this giant Emerald Buddha model in Sisaket.

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