Saturday, January 09, 2010

new book: Pramual Dhamma vol. 2 by Luangphor Pramote

A new book just came out, actually in its 3rd printing. Pramual Dhamma vol. 2 is another (edited) compilation of dhamma discourse given (in Thai) by the venerable Luangphor Pramote Pamojjo of Suan Santidhamma, Cholburi province. This is a big hard cover tome of over 459 pages. The price is free, since it is funded all by donation. The donation for this printing last month was over a million Baht. I donated some money and just got my copies today (for myself and some of good friends who are interested.) Thanks for Sup'K to serve as the distribution centers.

This is a good book. Many of the content are not available in any mp3 tracks that I have been listenning to.
Several thousand copies would also be given to many University and colleage libraries across Thailand.


I have mailed and personally handed out some copies I have to my close friends. Now I have only 1 copy left for me and my family.

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