Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thai citizen 's ID card

I am pondering but reluctant of having a new Thai citizen 's ID card. I have heard that it 's produced by a smelly project, presumably politicians had their hands (and "interest") in it. Apart from the type of stored information solely controlled by the government, not by a neural independent agency as people suggested, so it is potentially unsafe as private data of citizens could be abused by bad officials / politicians. Also the technology chosen was bad, as indicated in a quote (with minor modification) below from Bangkok Post.

"If Thailand had properly executed the Java card strategy, it would have been so powerful, it could have done so much. But instead of demanding a standard Java card ...l, they allowed a proprietary card to sneak in," he said

Full article is in the link above.

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Thai Webcruiser said...

I 'd like to follow up my own blog, 4 months after this post. Now I have a new citizen 's ID card as the old one expired. It turned out to be a simple plain magnetic card. Apparently, with the former Thaksin government 's gone, the post-coup new government decides that an old-style magnetic card would be just fine. Like before, I got my card in only a few minutes from the online system of the Ministry of Interior.