Friday, March 03, 2006

My laptop costed an equivalent of 3.27 tonnes of grade A1 Thai jasmine rice

Pondering about various things, I eventually came to calculate how much my Mac PowerBook G4 that I bought over 3 months ago would cost Thailand's foreign exchange, in term of rice export. Since I have no idea about the price that that Thai rice dealers sold rice to overseas merchants, I use a Thailand's supermarket price for the grade A1 that I usually bought, each costing about 130 Baht per bag of 5 kg.  Converting the 85,000 Baht educational price I paid (if I remember correctly), that amounted to about 3.27 tonnes of jasmine rice (equivalent to my extended-family's consumption for 27 years). 

From that figure, now I can also see how much a foreign car would worth, a few hundred years' consumption of rice for my family.

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