Monday, March 06, 2006

My 11 years old daughter and a laptop

Now it is summer vacation time and she started to have some free time on week days so she 's taken full possession of my old Atec Vegus Athlon (Windows ME) laptop, the Toaster as I used to call it.  I had installed 2 Barbie games for her in it, but later she installed 4 others herself without anyone's supervision. Installation 's not that difficult but I think it 's amazing that the kids in this generation could do a lot more things than grownups might imagine. I told her that in the next few years when she is in high school, I can get her a new laptop of her choice (or give her this current PowerBook if I happen to buy a new one then). I think I 'll teach her Unix commands and Perl (or Python) as well.

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