Monday, August 09, 2010

Luncheon with teachers

Once a year, our high school class would organize a luncheon with our former teachers at different exotic places in and around Bangkok. This year we set the venue at Dusit Thani hotel, on the top floor restaurant. It 's a nice atmosphere and feeling. Many of my teachers were anxiously waiting for this luncheon, for at their age, it 's not often that they would go out of their homes for social activity. Some of our former teaches who had came to our luncheon in the previous years can not come anymore, for ever. I believe it is a show of good spirit of our alumni who wanted to share our energetic appreciation to our teachers in their post-retirement life. Our teachers also showed their loving care to us with their concern and inquiry about our health, or family. The event reminded us of old fond memories almost 40 years ago.

During the luncheon, our class also invited a very famous Thai singer, Mr. Suthep, over to give his genuine 60s - 70s vocal. His voice is still very good. Comparing his natural and charming style to the current style sung by teenage singers we commonly encounter nowadays, I feel the latter style quite unnaturally over-pretending and too much exertion, trying to westernize their vocal of Thai song, and I don't like that.

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