Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Good Non-fiction European VDO series

Now it is raining daily in Thailand and I found that I prefer to exercise by biking in my home office rather than getting wet outside. While doing so, I used to listen to iPod (Dhamma talks more frequently than classical music), or reading non-fiction books. Now I switched over to watched VDOs from my MacbookPro via Miro open-source and free software. Miro is a great software, esp. some of the links given are good.

I like to watch one series in particular, weekly English excerpt of Euromaxx, a German series about culture, designs, music, arts, lifestyle. I think this program opened my eyes a lot. There are over a hundred downloadable episodes, so far, I think I have watched only half of them. But each episode gave me useful ideas. If I were younger, or just a college kid, I would rather grow up wanting to be a designer, or an architect or an artist, and life might be less boring than this. I wish some Thai kids watched this program for they would have more creativity in their heads after they grow up.

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