Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Good readings for science graduate students

I have found some useful readings and would like to keep them handy here, with links to abstracts (and then full papers).

Erren TC et al 2007 Ten simple rules for doing your best research, according to Hamming. Abstract here:-


Gu, J, and Bourne, PE 2007 Ten simple rules for graduate students.
Abstract here:-


Bourne, PE et al 2008 Open access: taking full advantage of the content.
Abstract here:-


Corpas, M. et al 2008 Ten simple rules for organizing a scientific meeting.
Abstrat here:-


Whitesides, GM. 2004 Whitesides' Group: Writing a paper.
Link here:-'an/Writing%20a%20Paper.pdf

Keshav, S. How to read a paper.
Link here:-

Bourne, PE & Korngreen A 2006 Ten simple rules for reviewers.
Abstract here:-

Vicens Q, Bourne, PE 2007 Ten simple rules for a successful collaboration.
Abstract here:-

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